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Paintball Online is a pbem(played by e-mail) type web game. It lets you get in the battle field with other players from all over the world! We put you in a interface displaying the field your stats and more! Updated daily and you could even buy bigger and better weapons! PLay in many situations including elimination, center flag, and many more. Virtual fields and maps of many differant variaties.

::.::HOW TO BATTLE::.::
To battle you will have to sighn up with us and then youll be set. You will then recieve e-mail explaining some pics your stats and your choices. remember to always visit the battle field to see wats going on in the map before you make a final choice. Once the admin recieves your e-mail back he will update the battle field map. Remember that other players that are done making choices are waiting for you to be done until the next round so plz be quick...if you dont respond to the e-mail in 1 day you will be cleared from the battle field.
After the tournament finishes and a team wins when your in the winning team you will get a prize or cash for your team. If you get a prize like a better gun you will have to sighn up with the same name and team the next tournament to claim that if you win cash you will be e-mailed on what your buying options
option1 buy angel for 200$
option 2 buy c02 for 50$
After you e-mail on what your gonna buy then you will have to sighn in as the same name and team as you did the last tournament in the next tournament.Just like acquiring weapons. AS WE SAID PLAYED BY E-MAIL!